The new coronavirus pandemic affected us all. Between lockdowns and confinements, businesses and schools had to close the doors to prevent more people from getting infected.

With the COVID-19, parents started working from home at the same time kids were having online classes. It wasn’t certainly an easy period for anyone but we have also need to look at the good things that it brought us. Ultimately, the COVID-19 made us realize what is really important as well as it also allowed us to spend more time with family.

If you usually have a busy life, you know that even finding the time to go to the grocery store or cooking meals is hard. However, the COVID-19 gave you the time to start thinking about healthier meals as well as for some families, it was also a way to include kids in the cooking part.

How The COVID-19 Affected Our Cooking And Meals

#1: Eating Family Meals Together:

Between parents’ jobs and errands and kids’ school and extra activities, time simply flies. However, with everyone staying at home, this gave families time to actually eat family meals together.

#2: Eating Healthier:

Since we didn’t have to rush so much, the COVID-19 also brought us more time to think about the foods we eat and planning our meals more carefully.

The truth is that most families can only get together at dinner at regular times. But during the pandemic, they shard all meals from breakfast to dinner. Besides, it’s not only eating together but healthier as well.

#3: Kids Learning To Cook:

A lot of families took the lockdown period to teach their kids how to cook. While this depends on their age, there are almost always certain tasks they can perform. The best part is that they usually love it.

Besides, it is worth keeping in mind that research shows it leads to healthier eating as an adult. It’s never too little, too early, or too late to start giving kids some autonomy in the kitchen.

#4: Buying Food Locally:

In the early weeks of COVID-19, some grocery shelves actually went bare. After all, everyone was trying to stock up pantries to ensure they had enough food. So, more people start turning to buy locally. The reality is that sales of regionally milled flour, sustainably caught fish and community-supported agriculture programs have skyrocketed. This is also true in what concerns fresh meat. If you usually bought meat in the supermarket, you may have seen this habit change forever. After all, a local meat store is definitely a far better option. Just take a look at TooFresh app, for example.

This app allows you to easily order the meat you want, you can choose the packaging option you prefer, and then you can simply pick it up at the most convenient time for you. There’s no question that the TooFresh app isn’t only for the COVID-19 period but also for the after-COVID. After all, it makes your life a lot simpler.